In 2019 over 87% of businesses are using video content as a marketing tool, a number which is a pretty high jump from the 67% in 2017! In fact, Hubspot also records that while 2018 was a big year for video marketing, 2019 is set to be bigger. Consumers have been seen to be most responsive to video content across almost all social media platforms. With technological innovations also hitting the market, it has become one of the most important aspects of digital marketing in today‟s world.

Assured Responses

We create videos keeping your consumers in mind, that is, we give you content which will increase your engagement.

Responsibly Technical

Drawing in the power of all the technology available, we create videos which are in keeping with what’s trending

Exclusive Content

While being inspired by the leaders, we do not copy – our video output is exclusive, original and one-of-a-kind.

Conscious Influence

By creating visually stimulating videos, we make sure your audience is influenced in a positive way to interact with your brand regularly.
With high levels of competition and brands creating unique videos of the highest quality, it is important to get with the times and upgrade to the video content for your brand. Forbes reports that 80% of all web traffic is soon going to be generated by video content exclusively. Moreover, consumer behavior is also dictated by the video content presented – 64% consumers are more likely to purchase a product when they see a video about it online. In such a fast evolving digital landscape, your online marketing strategy may be hinged on the quality of videos being produced. When creating a video, we not only delve into the brand‟s tone and communication, but also understand the data behind it – our analysts are experts who know what works and do the due diligence to deliver the highest quality in terms of content, ideation and creativity.