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We Plan, You Execute.

Just like how a cocktail gives you the right kick, #SoctailDirects consists tailored social media services plan to give your brand the right kick.


Our prices are low, don't be slow.


We Plan, You Execute.

Quality over Quantity

0 tolerance towards substandard work.

#SoctailDirects Services

Competitor Analysis

For when you want to find the perfect niche and content for your brand. See what might work for your brand OR Learn from other people's mistakes. However you work, we got you covered.

Social media setup

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Social Media Strategy

To help you find an aesthetic style that best conveys the personality of your brand.

Content Calendar

We give you all the content and creatives required for a 30 day period.
All you have to do is, Post it!

Ads & promotions

Want to reach out to the right audience, Want quality clicks & views, want the right leads? You ask, we deliver.

#SoctailDirects Services

Why Soctail?

A Digital Blend

Unique cocktail of different digital strategies and channels to re-invent your brand .

A Creative Storm

Engaging content garnished with complementary artwork as the heart of every digital marketing plan.


Tried, tested, data-backed strategies - A thorough and double-strained effort.

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