“Importantly, companies are using social media to do things that go way beyond just chatting up
existing customers on Facebook” – Ryan Holmes, CEO – Hootsuite

A brand‟s presence on social media is no longer to simply create a channel of communication for their customers. It has gone beyond that to include activities such as direct sales to new consumers, marketing products and most importantly, reaching out to a worldwide audience, waiting to be converted.
So, what is social media marketing? Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a branch of Digital Marketing which helps an organization meet their overall marketing and branding objectives through targeted content across social media platforms. SMM is the process of curating original content for your pages on various social media platforms which help you reach and engage with your audience on a worldwide level! The Data & Marketing Association has even predicted that in the coming years, 20% of the marketing budget will be devoted to this division. If you‟re not already hopping on to this trend you may end up losing out! In fact, it has been reported in 2018 that 97% of marketers are actively using Social Media Marketing as a tool to reach out to audiences.

Content Creation

Unique content curated to suit your brand image. Holistic approach with a keen focus on your target audience.

Engaging Strategies

Using data to understand your audience and feeding in content accordingly to maximize reach and engagement on each post.

Detailed Research

Drawing on data points from case studies, we strategize based on research and come up with strategies which guarantee success.

Brand Solutions

Keeping the brand image and message intact across all communication, we create exclusive plans to make you go viral.
Online strategies are built on detailed research, Social Media Marketing, SEO based content, Email Marketing and Video Content to name a few. Forbes Magazine reports that 80% of marketers feel that efforts made towards marketing on social media platforms can lead to higher conversion rates, more traffic to a brand‟s website and importantly, it gives insights into the customer‟s behavior. At Soctail, we create a fine mix of marketing strategies with the right amount of each ingredient to give you the perfect brand solutions. Taking all we can from the traditional approach, we back our strategies with solid, data driven points to get you the maximum ROI for your budget.