Email Marketing is a tactic often used by marketers to approach their audience and generate leads through automated, targeted and promotional emails. With 2.8 billion people worldwide using emails as a means of communication, it comes as little surprise that email marketing can lead to a potential ROI of 4400%. That‟s not all, 59% of marketers also concede that email marketing is the most effective revenue generation channel.

Time Sensitive

Our emails not only sell your brand, but are also in-keeping with current affairs, to help you remain topical

No Spamming

There is a fine line between being informative and spamming – we ensure your emails never come across as spam and keep your customers captivated!

Increased Subscribers

Drawing on data points from case studies, we strategize based on research and come up with strategies which guarantee success.

Tool Based Scheduling

Using the latest market research and tools to guide our email marketing strategy, we take great care to create a unique plan for you.
As an integral part of online marketing, email marketing is set to play a huge role in the coming years, and should be managed with a stringent strategy in place. Ad hoc emails can look like spam and may lead to your consumer shutting off from your brand entirely! In order to prevent that, our team ensures that they are up to date with the latest tools available. We are capable of creating an email marketing campaign, which not only creates hygienic lists, but also ensures quality content through well-evaluated email marketing tools. Creating the perfect infusion of email services, we serve you a highball each time!