Every digital marketing strategy needs to be backed by strong content. Why? Because in today‟s digital scenario, content is the mixer which packs a punch! Content marketing is about creating, publishing and distributing content to your brand‟s target audience. At the core of every marketing strategy both traditional and digital, content plays a myriad role – it supplements all your other marketing efforts, brings together the brand‟s message, boosts your website traffic and even drives your SEO efforts!
With brands using content not only to reach out to the right audience, but also educate them about the right buying choices, it is no surprise that Forbes recently noted that content would be taking the lead with most digital strategies in the years to come.

Content Strategy

Our unique content strategy is the backbone which drives your digital efforts forward and is formulated keeping in mind the target audience.

Brand-based Content

Moving away from the generic, our content is carefully crafted to give your brand an inimitable image.

SEO Compliant

Our content keeps in mind keywords that will help your brand grow. SEO compliant content also supplements your paid promotions.

Apt Distribution

Identifying and targeting the appropriate channels of communication, we make sure your content caters perfectly to your target audience.
A report in 2017 pointed out that the content marketing industry was set to grow at 16%. This is set to increase the industry valuation to $412.88bn by 2021, with an incremental growth equivalent to $217.3bn. These whopping figures are a clear demonstration of how important it is for brands to create fresh and regular content to keep their customers engaged! At Soctail, we are ever ready to create a visual feast for any content offered. Our team of experienced content creators is always brimming with out-of-the-box ideas which will give your competitors a major case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). From serious, data driven journalistic pieces to features with a few infographics thrown in, we can handle all forms of content – shaken or stirred.