Companies Turn to Digital Marketing To Survive Covid-19

compaines turn to digital

Changing Business Dynamics to Digital Marketing 

Scenario :

The initial bounce-back period post the Covid-19 pandemic is going to be crucial for most companies. Decisions that are taken now & through the post-pandemic period can dictate the future & sustenance of several companies.

The unforeseen circumstance of all traditional marketing channels that require a physical presence ( like events, conferences, face-to-face businesses etc) disappearing owing to the lockdowns, social distancing & self quarantining has left many businesses scrambling to cover their losses. Through this chaos, Digital stands as a clear way forward & winner for businesses to adapt to the current scenario, conquer & flourish. Businesses need to be more reliant than ever on their digital strategy & a well-rounded online presence.

Why Digital is now the Way Forward :

The digital marketing industry is about to see a rapid surge in companies/brands making the switch. Brands that do have a basic digital presence will be looking to establish a stronger foothold via a well-rounded presence across different platforms & ideating on new campaign ideas to build a recall value. While some other brands who may have no digital presence yet, would turn to websites and social media channels to establish their online presence and reach out to potential customers.

What businesses SHOULD be doing :

The next 6-month period is pivotal & needs to be closely monitored to tweak any marketing strategy based on the dynamic societal changes, customer behaviour and online marketplaces. Some key areas of focus are:

  • Update your Google my Business page.

(*Pro Tip : Add in a message / description addressing the current situation & the necessary steps you have taken to  deal with it / how you can add value to a consumer’s life right now)

  • Establish an SEO-compliant, user friendly website, ensuring to keep it constantly updated.
  • Explore content marketing options – the best way to connect & engage with your customers.
  • Dwell into paid advertising on social media channels with goals based on your brand’s need-of-the-hour.
  • Invest in Google Adwords if people are searching you or a product/service that you offer.
  • Use simple & dynamic video formats on visual platforms like Instagram/TikTok.

What Agencies Are Doing : 

Digital agencies are on the lookout for potential clients who are looking to make the switch to digital. Some agencies are also reaching out to brands with a digital scope & potential via emails & social channels. They are following innovative email marketing and video strategy to explain the need of the hour & how digital can help the brand flourish. This is a perfect time for agencies to double down & work on their business development strategy, to acquire customers & business now as well as in the near future.

The digital marketing industry is all set to boom through the post-Covid era & it’s going to be interesting to watch all the new digital trends that come about as a result of this.

Written by : Tanmayi Mohan

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