Branding by Soctail 

Every brand has a story. What’s important today is getting your story across to people in the most real, authentic way – and that’s exactly where branding comes in.

Branding gives your customers the first feeler of any company – from the logo, to the tonality of colors, images typography, tones & illustrations. Branding is used across online & offline marketing channels to convey any information; it’s also what helps people identify & resonate with a brand over time. Studies have shown that consistent branding across channels increases revenue by 23%

Soctail offers a gamut of services in branding to weave your company’s story with elements that stand true to its identity & give it the voice & personality it needs.


Logo Design

Well-researched, digital-friendly & dynamic logo concepts - ideated after industry & market research & a detailed understanding of the brand personality. Logo will be tailored to best showcase your brand style, yet simple & precise in order to create recall value among customers.

Visual Identity & Collaterals

Simply put, visual identity is a way of presenting a brand’s experience & services it offers. This ranges across a variety of tools like logo, color schemes, typography and imagery to convey the overall personification of the brand. Brand collaterals create tangible evidence of your brand & a means to promote your services, improve brand recognition - including brochures, visiting cards, letterhead, diaries, miscellaneous stationery etc.

Branding & Logo Guidelines

Staying true to brand ethos is crucial, especially on digital channels. To help you follow a consistent brand theme, we provide you a logo guideline document with a detailed insight into logo usage, brand guidelines, dos & don'ts - which can be referred to by any designer.

Packaging Design

Packaging has significantly evolved over the years into a crucial element of the marketing & sales process. The right packaging design is capable of creating a good impression, showcase the product in all its glory & also make it stand out from your competitors.