Digital marketing has become the catalyst without which you stand to lose out on a huge share of the
market. Tapping into this need of the hour, Soctail captures your brand identity and mixes together a
cocktail of ideas and campaigns, which disrupt the digital landscape to get you good, old fashioned
returns. Just like a cocktail needs the perfect infusion, we blend together the best of the industry practices
and leading trends to give you a unique strategy – on the rocks, dirty or dry.

Our Story

Riding on the digital wave which hit the world, our founder Mansi Goenka, started Soctail as an answer to creative digital marketing strategies. Armed with a Master’s in Digital Asset and Media Management from King’s College, London, she set up base in Hyderabad and there’s been no looking back since! As our name suggests, we blend together the best of the digital and creative world to give you a ‘Social Cocktail’, or Soctail. Your association with us goes beyond the four walls of an office space to encompass the entire digital landscape and our promise to serve the best is never compromised.

Our Values

Promising to serve the best is not only words, but the very values which guide our entire team. We are passionate in our mixes and want to empower your brand through your digital presence.


Giving a fresh spin to age old strategies is our forte. We can make your brand presence a unique one through innovative designs which will blow your mind away!


Challenging the status quo is our bread and butter. When creating your brand image, we do not shy away from the bold and want to create an aperitif which will leave you wanting more!

Quality over Quantity

No matter how much we take on, we never compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use and make sure you get the best out of every digital strategy!

Data Driven

Our data driven campaigns and strategies ensure that quality campaigns are repeatedly delivered.


Our communication is excellent and we are always available to answer any queries you have. Transparency is our mantra and all our activities are conducted with honesty and accountability.