5 Ways to Increase Productivity During Work from Home

5 ways to increase productivity during work from home

Since the implementation of the lockdown, most of our country has found themselves trying to adapt to the ‘work from home’ lifestyle. What seemed like it could be fun in the beginning, is slowly turning into a life of monotony & a certain lack of activity that comes with going about one’s day in a repeated routine.

While it’s easy to get caught up in the rut of work every day, alongside the activities that most of us seem to be doing lately like household chores, cooking etc, how do we ensure that we’re making effective use of our time every day? How should we maintain a work-life balance in quarantine? 

Here are some tips & ways to ease and thrive into the current way of work-life-

  1. Establish a routine :- 

It is important to try & stick to a routine that is similar to the one you had pre-lockdown.

It may seem rather easy to get out of the bed in your pyjamas & jump right into work but that’s not an ideal headspace to begin workday.

So, get yourself a schedule for the week: Wake up & sleep time, meal timings & a short workout routine.

  1. Make a To-Do List :- 

If you fail to plan out your day, you are planning to fail.

Go through your tasks for the day & segregate them on a priority basis to maximize productivity & minimize time spent on speculation. At the end of each workday, check your next day’s tasks so you are prepared for what’s next.

  1. Separate your workspace :- 

Designating a comfortable area to work is very important. Choose a space within your home & keep it clean. A messy space will often distract you. Try setting the ambience with more natural light to reduce straining your eyes. Having a set workspace will help make the transition a little easier.

  1. Stay connected :- 

Communication is key when you are working remotely. Not communicating with your boss or team can create misunderstanding and affect your performance. Stay in touch with your team lead or managers to make sure you are motivated and aligned with the rest of your team. Have a weekly interactive session with your team over a video-call so that you can still feel the camaraderie while away from the office.

  1. Take intermittent breaks :- 

The last one is to take small breaks in between your work hours. Even a couple of short breaks can make a difference to your work-flow. Go for a short walk, stretch or have a snack. As long as you are available for your team and are not away from your computer for more than 20 minutes, don’t feel guilty or bad about it.

Working from home can be exhilarating in the beginning but as time passes by it becomes frustrating & exhausting. Remember to always be proactive in order to be productive. Once done with your work, move away from electronics for some time & start afresh the next day.

Written by : Sudeep Kathuri

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